Hello MRYRers,

I’m going to make a big assumption that this group consists largely of or reaching child-bearing and child-rearing age.  I thought this article in the New Yorker would be a good catalyst for discussion or thought about different ways to raise children.  The article is a bit general, but poses some theories and anecdotes on how America has become a country of “adultescents.” 
It’s too overwhelming to discuss root causes for the “spoiled generation”, so instead I think it would be interesting to hear about our own experiences and see if there are trends.  What are important lessons you learned from your parents or influencing adults that you would want to pass on to your children? How did they teach it to you?
I suppose the most important lesson my parents taught me was to be independent and self-sufficient.  And they taught me by being generally absent (especially emotionally) in my youth and by example.  Now, I don’t think I want to teach my own kids that way, but I think they are important characteristics to pass on. Another important lesson was to have a world-view and that came from going on family trips and getting outside of the bubble we lived in.  That’s a tradition I will definitely continue.
Hope all is well on your piece of the pie.